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500 Million Yahoo Accounts Were hacked, Was It Your Account?

Yahoo Account Hacked, Was it yours?

Did you know that 500 Million Yahoo accounts were HACKED???

If you got a password change notice as soon as you login, its time you must change it NOW. After this news went viral, even those whose yahoo account were not on list have immediately changed their password to more secured one. Moreover, people usually tend to keep same password for most of their other accounts, so if you are one of such people, change password of all your accounts immediately.

So what should I do if I have a Yahoo account?

Firstly, you MUST change your yahoo account password immediately. Rather, I would advise to all those Yahoo account holders, even whose accounts were listed as SAFE, must also change their security questions and make sure not to keep an obvious password for those.

Spamming and Phishing

This is one of the reason why spamming and phishing occur and every user is advised to keep their account passwords secure and made sure that they do not share it with anyone. Your passwords must be alphanumeric with small and capital letters mixed and do include atleast one special character in your password to make it even stronger.

Must Add A Reminder

Once you have done this, you must add a reminder to your phone to change your passwords atleast once every 15 days or if not then must do once a month.

The Double Authentication Is Must

Yahoo has recently started a double authentication process. If you have a smartphone where you can configure and access your yahoo emails, you must do it now. Once you have done this, you can setup your account so that if anyone else tries to login, it wont ask for password anymore, but will send an instant notification to your phone asking you if you are the one allowing this login to a device other than the phone you use. Only when you select YES, the user will be able to get into your email account.

The Confidential Information Is At Risk

I got surprised when I got this notification for first time and truly wanted to SKIP IT and move on. But when the real truth about the hacking of 500 million accounts came to view, I immediately configured this double authentication and also changed my password immediately. Trust me, I am feeling much secured now. All my financial transactions, my investment updates, my withdrawal / deposit notifications, internal cheque clearances, auto debit information and other highly confidential information was all in my account.

How To Secure A Hacked Yahoo Accounts?

(Ref: Yahoo Help)

Take The Following Actions To Make Sure That Your Account Gets Completely Secured:

Update your security information

Step 1:

Change Your Password Immediately & Make It Strong

  1. Go to the Yahoo Accounts Info page (CLICK THIS LINK to open your account once you have logged in)
  2. (Mobile web browser only) tap the Menu icon Image of the mobile web version of the menu icon..
  3. Click Account Security.
  4. Click Change password.
  5. Enter and confirm your new password.
  6. Click Continue.
    – A confirmation appears.
  7. Click Continue to finish.

Step 2:

Review Your personal account information and recovery email & phone number once you have logged in to make sure that all information is the same and recovery email & phone number are ones that you have access to. Reset your language to English (only if you see some other language). Also you must review:

  • Your email forwarding must be disabled
  • Check Your Signatures (which are included in every email you send)
  • Must Also confirm your sending name & reply-to email address

Step 3:

There are a few other things that you should look for –

  • If you’re missing emails or contacts: 
    • You should try & restore lost or deleted email and IMs
    • You can also recover important contacts which were removed
    • You should check the blocked email addresses and domains
    • Check your filters
    • Check your auto-response settings
      (Visit Here For More Details)
  • If you provided a credit card or bank account number to an unverified website or in an email message, contact your financial institution to report this as soon as possible.

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